300 years ago, Addison, a Morphering Glob, wanted to take the town so he can create a place for aliens. He was stopped by the MBC predecessors but no one knows how. Then one day, that alien escaped and disguised as a human pioneer. He successfully claimed the old town which known as Singletown today. He was punished and turned into a statue using a purple gemstone until 200 years later. Up until now, Addison wants to take revenge on the MBC by turning them and the other people into statues. He has a son named Nosidda Single. He's weak against pigeon poop and the sound of Rhapsodian belly flute.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Turns into a giant Morphering Glob to eat and destroy things on his path. As a Morpher, he is able to disguise into any species like humans. When he's in statue form, he can turn people into statues with his purple gemstone.


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