Armor Stickies
Brian mbcred




Armor Sticky (red and purple)

Powers and Abilities

Super strength, super speed, determination and left arm shields.

Armor Stickies are extremely competitive aliens who never refuse any challenges. They come to Earth to invade Singletown and destroy the MBC. Like the Pincherbots, there is a leader. The leader disguises as a tough kid named Brian. His assistants, the purple armored Stickies, disguise as the same person to confuse the MBC. They have super strength, super speed, determination and shields on their left arm. They can turn into giants as well.

Armor Stickies Edit

Brian Edit

Brian Brawn is the main leader of the Stickies. He only appears in the episode World's Toughest Kid when he was challenging Danny who was the fastest and the strongest one. He once lifted up a bench Wendy and an another unnamed girl was sitting. Danny was doing the same but when his V-Com glowed he put the bench down and went away. Brianarmoredred

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