• Full Name: Aviation Zeal Smith
  • Nicknames: Avier, Blondy
  • Age: 784 (Rhapsodian Years) 280 (Earth Years)
  • Species: Rhapsodian
  • Classification: Semi-Humanoid Or Morpher/Mollusc
  • Powers/Abilities: Just like the rest of the Rhapsodians, Avier can use a lot of extraordinary abilities like stretching, mind reading, telepathy, flying, super strength, ice breathing, drilling his arms, and able to glow in the dark. When he eats chocolate (or any food that contains chocolate), he breathes fire. Avier can fly using psychokinesis in his human form because he has 5 wings in alien form.
  • Weakness: Sardines will cause Rhapsodian Binasal Absorbia.
  • Attire (Human): Purple Jacket, Black Shirt, Violet Jeans, Indigo Shoes, Earrings (Hoops)
  • Actor: Thrace Cyrus
  • 'Quotes:'
    • "Are you kidding?! Danny. She is a mega snerdozzle!" -To Danny
  • Grasps Earrings* "But.....these are my favorites. My dad gave them to me for my 728th birthday"-To Sam
    • "That son of a Casarian Eel! That Vissian Cogenitor! That.....BAAAH!!!!!"

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