Daniel Jackson
Danny (11)






Monster Buster Club


Galactic Alien
Monster Fighter
Protector of Earth

Voice Actor

English: Matt Hill
Dutch: Maikel Nieuwenhuis
Germany: Rainer Fritzsche
Italy: Allesio De Flippis
Mexico: Ferzo Velazquez
Philippines: Christian Velarde
Poland: Izabella Malik
Romania: Dan Lupu
Argentina: Mark Abadi

Club Number


Daniel "Danny" Jackson is a nice guy at heart and good at sports. He has brown hair, green eyes and a scar over his left eyebrow. He is very hot-headed and popular at school and is always invited to all sorts of parties. He could also get a little overconfident at times and he has a good sense of humor and likes cracking jokes even in dangerous situations. That gets on Avier's nerves. He has a huge crush on his schoolmate while she is kinda sort of annoyed by him.


Danny's outfit is consists of a violet jacket, white shirt, yellow denim pants with bright orange flaming trims, and lavender shoes.

He wears the Red Monster Buster suit and also called by his nickname "The Danny" (it is shown in the episode Laugh Attack that his anger often gets in the way of his performance).



  • Danny is revealed to have an uncle in the episode "Secret Santa."
  • Danny's voice actor, Matt Hill is mostly well known for doing the voice for Ed from Ed, Edd, & Eddy and Tyler from SuperNoobs.

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