Daniel "Danny" Jackson is a nice guy at heart and good at sports.


He is very hot-headed and popular at school and is always invited to all sorts of parties. He could also get a little overconfident at times and he has a good sense of humor and likes cracking jokes even in dangerous situations. He has a huge crush on Wendy while she is kinda sort of annoyed by him.

He's a kind of member who acts first before thinking. He's an athletic kind of person and skilled at skateboarding. Sometimes, he can get uncoordinated with his skills though. He has a crush on Wendy, who doesn't seem to have at least a little interest on him. Danny claims that he's one of the popular kids at school and to avoid losing that status, he faces some challenges given from the other kids just to prove that he's "The Danny". Probably being more popular and proving himself more worthy are the reasons why he joins the MBC.


He has brown hair, green eyes and a scar over his left eyebrow.

Danny's outfit is consists of a violet jacket, white shirt, yellow denim pants with bright orange flaming trims, and lavender shoes.

He wears the Red Monster Buster suit and also called by his nickname "The Danny" (it is shown in the episode Laugh Attack that his anger often gets in the way of his performance).



  • It's surprisingly that there are few things between him and Cathy have in common: they both have large appetites and gets into trouble at school.
  • He joins the ice hockey club.
  • Danny is revealed to have an uncle in the episode "Secret Santa."
  • Danny's voice actor, Matt Hill is mostly well known for doing the voice for Ed from Ed, Edd, & Eddy and Tyler from SuperNoobs.
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