Johnathan Lang






Monster Buster Club



Voice Actor

English:Tabitha St. Germain
French: Delphine Braillon
Italy: Maura Cenciarelli
Philippines: Gwen Masilongan
Poland: Magdalena Korczyńska

John (nicknamed Little John) is Chris's little brother and appears to like computers and video games as well. He's in charge in using the MBC clubhouse's technology whenever Chris is busy on the mission. John really wanted to join MBC but the four, especially Chris thinks he's too young. Sometimes, he impresses the MBC by helping defeat monsters or creating his own gadgets which makes them useful or backfire to MBC. In "Popular Kids" he seems to have figured out the MBC secret and tends to call himself Super John. He has dark red hair and blue eyes.


  • He and Wendy shares the same voice actress.
  • While his age is not given, it is estimated that he's between 8-10 years old, even shorter than his older brother.

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