These rules are the rules you have to follow here in this wiki so you cannot do bad things here. And you have to read this properly clear so we can agree with your statement.

Main rules

  1. Due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) laws and laws about child internet safety, Wikia says you must be over 13 to start editing. Please note that if a user is revealed to be underage, please calmly report it with evidence to an administrator.
  1. Cyberbullying is far from allowed. This includes stalking, threaten, harrass, bully, or rant at a user over their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, opinion, ect.
  2. Do not name your username a TV show, movie, game, book, ect. However, roleplaying is allowed as long as you notify to the staff that you're a roleplay account.
  3. When bullying a problem, argument, or any type of the wiki's violation occurs, you need to tell an administrator about it.
  4. All pages must be related to MBC. Pages that have nothing to do with the show or Marathon Media (now Zodiak Kids) in general will be deleted accordingly by an admin and will give the user a warning immediately.

Using the wiki

  1. DO NOT remove any content from pages unless you see that it's false information. Doing it will result in a 1-week block by an admin. The same goes with inserting false information.
  2. Vandalism will not be tolerated. This includes writing nonsense that doesn't have anything to do with Monster Buster Club.
  3. Please do not spam elsewhere in this wiki. Spamming is posting the same comment over and over again, and we want to keep this wikia clean.
  1. A person needs only one account. Having more than 1 account is called "sockpuppetry" and will result in an infinite block without further notice.
  2. DON'T post fanfiction into pages. If one page gets caught being a fanfiction, it will be deleted and you would get a warning immediatley.
  3. All users need to be active on this wiki. A user who hasn't edited for a week will have an inactive template on his/her page.


  1. Please DONT post any inappropriate, pornographic, or offensive pictures here. That can feel all the users uncomfortable, and the pictures will be deleted by an admin and will give the user a warning and 1 year block without further notice. This is a family/kids-based wiki and we don't allow that stuff.
  2. This wiki is not a place for posting fanart without permission from the author. If this gets out of the hand, then the admin will be alerted and the user will get blocked for posting copyrighted art without aking the author. Only post official and concept art.

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