Mr. Smith






Monster Buster Club


Galactic Alien/Monster Fighter

Voice Actor

English: Rick Jones

Italy: Dario de Grassi

Philippines: Roger Aquino

Mr. Smith is a Rhapsodian and Cathy Smith's grandfather. His first name is Hugo. He rarely use his powers except when it is really needed. Before he became a gardener, he worked as a soldier in an intergalactic military. He has his own exotic garden and also an expert in creating intergalactic herbal medicines. Mr. Smith likes gardening, making tea, and playing cards with his plant. He has a sister name Frieda. His Alien form look very similar to Warlus except his arm are tentacles and his leg are like a horses.

Mr smith

Mr Smith in his alienform

Trivia Edit

  • Hugo's Voice actor is also the same voice for characters like Fu-Fu form Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat & Inka Dinka Doo, Polly Roger, & multiple Kremlings from Donkey Kong Country.

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