Grandma octovorembc

The three Octovores are one of the few alien families who come to Singletown to take over the planet Earth. Jenny, the snobbish green Octovore disguises as a cheerleader. With the help of her Grandmother Octovore, their plan is to kidnap human kids by inviting them to a party. Grandfather Octovore, on the other hand, rescues his wife and they wanted to get revenge against the MBC. According to Mr. Smith, there are two rules dealing with the Octovores - never turn back on them and never trust them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Octovores can dodge opponent's attacks by spinning their tentacles. They can also levitate and morph into different shapes and forms. They can release blaster bullets from their eyes. Jenny's weapon is metal pompoms while her grandfather has Zoobatha Ray.