Pinchcherbots are highly-dangerous aliens. They never travel alone and they are known to release massive amounts of electricity. They wanted to kidnap Elton and use his mindreading powers. According to Cathy, those Pincherbots like to live in old factories which contained machines. There are two colors available in Pincherbots - the red one is the leader, while the blue are the assistants. The red Pincherbot is the most powerful in the group.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hence the name, Pincherbots are equipped with huge pincers that can be used to grab objects. They also have laser cyclops, x-ray vision, and levitation. They're also able to become invisible. Only the red Pincherbot is able to create a force field shield and electric shock from its antenna.


For blue Pincherbots, they have control panels in their lower abdomen. For red Pincherbot, its antenna is a weak spot.