Principal Rollins is a former military solider who is the principal of Singletown Middle School, and the principal of Chris, Sam, Danny and Cathy. She's the gang's principal who thinks the students are soldiers and often uses terms like "Company Halt!" and "About Face!". She sometimes gets in the way of MBC's missions. It is shown in many episodes that she has a crush on Mr. Fusster. It is also suggested that she was a spy, and she thinks Cathy is one too. Principal Rollins has fair skin, jade green eyes, bright red hair combed to the right, thin eyebrows matching her hair, and with glasses that have a bottom lavender trim. Her outfit is consists a long-sleeve white blouse dress shirt, with a pink leather jacket, dark gray dress pants, bright red heels. golden heel earrings, and a military dog tag necklace.

Principal Rollins









Voice Actor

Sonja Ball

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