Replica Bots, they are robots that are made by its own identical of original themselves as they program to take order to eliminate any threat that try to against on the mission including trying to help people from danger. They're very impregnable for the aliens. But easily being corrupted by the upcoming virus with telepathy signal from the unknown sources, which is why they're going to replace Sam and Danny in the upcoming of Cathy's 700th birthday and they have almost had success. But however, in the last minutes, they're all being captured right after D34 pulls the same mistaken that Danny made earlier and was captured by Sam afterward.


S2 and D34 are the first Replica Bots that are sent to replace Danny and Sam after the failure of capturing the alien that can change its DNA.

Power and Abilities

They can be able to copy and change their identical themselves to inside of a CPU, also rewrite the whole system just like they did from the camera recording from the shop and they copy every of the moves that the original guy have it.

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