Season 1 is the first season of the French-Canadian television series Monster Buster Club. It premiered on October 29, 2007 on TF1 in France, June 2, 2008 on Jetix Europe, June 9, 2008 on Disney XD in the United States and May 3, 2008 on Disney Channel Asia. The first season has 26 (25 in other countries) episodes.

Episodes Edit

Episode number Episode title Summary Airdate
1 / 2 Popular Kids A new girl name Jenny comes to school and turns out to be an octo-alien, so the MBC Members must put an end to her.

Note: On Disney Channel Asia, this was the first episode broadcast.

June 3, 2008
2 / 1 Mindreader Cathy's cousin Elton comes to visit. The rest of The MBC Members discover he is a mind reader and he uses his power to annoy and embarrass them. The MBC Members later find out that Pincher-Bots are after Elton and they must protect him. June 2, 2008
3 Wrong Number Hugo is appointed a job in which he has to make peace between two planets before they go to war. He is given a galactic communicator that looks like a cellphone. Due to Chris' curiosity, he takes the communicator and loses it when he crashes into Mark and the devices get mixed up. Mark keeps getting the calls meant for Hugo and insults Zubin. The two planets go to war on Earth. Soon after the space ships arrive, Chris and Cathy get back the communicator and make peace between the planets. June 4, 2008
4 Snack Time Sam helps babysit toddler Tina, a Pythenor Eater alien, for Cathy while she still has to help with the bake sale benefiting hungry whales with Chris and Danny, making her go back and forth to each job. With all the stress, Sam accidentally feeds Tina Glusock crackers, an alien food that Pythenor Eaters shouldn't eat because it puts them on an eating rampage! Meanwhile, Chris and Danny are having trouble with Mark's Everyday Airlift Bake Sale raising money for Mark to have a helicopter. Tina gets to the school and starts eating all the bake sale goods but is momentarily stopped by a Floater Disk, but she can even eat food without touching it. Hugo tells them that the only way to stop this rampage is to get the taste of Glusock out of her mouth, so they use John's "Dumdy Dum" delectable dispenser, which produces bad tasting cookies and stops the little Pythenor Eater. June 5, 2008
5 The Trouble With Troublemaking Cathy gets detention when she fights with Mr. Fusster about intelligent life other than humans. The detention teacher is Mr. Gluten and it turns out to be a Sticky glue alien. To solve this problem, Danny says to fight the alien they should all get detention, which Chris and Sam don't like since they never get detention, unlike Danny. Chris shows up the next day with a gangster look, but still is finding trouble getting detention. Cathy and Sam look for Mr. Gluten's file and escape once they find it. At lunch, Mr. Gluten turns into the lunch lady and Chris and Danny call for help. When Mr. Gluten escapes, Sam tackles the real lunch lady and gets detention. At detention, Sam finds out the real Mr. Gluten is on vacation. When the Sticky attacks and tells Cathy and Sam he is recruiting alien workers and that he is gathering Rhapsodians A.K.A., Cathy to work for him. Just as he is about to capture Cathy, the boys throw a stink bomb and the Sticky escapes into the forest. The MBC Members follow him and stop him by using a Rhapsodian puzzle stick that Danny sets between two trees to trip him and knock him down. Chris hacks into the student files and clears their detentions, so that Cathy and Sam have clear student records. June 6, 2008
6 Dog Daze Wendy asks Danny to look after her dog named Matisse, while she is on a trip to the mountains. In order to impress Wendy, Danny signs Matisse to behavior-correction school where Matisse is replaced with moto-dog, things start to get complicated and it's up to The MBC Members to save Single Town from Matisse moto-clones. June 9, 2008
7 Flower King The MBC Members Members get a new mission. They must guard The Flower King named Petalia XIV, who is in the form of a flower until ambassadors from his planet arrive. Meanwhile, Jeremy is trying to impress Cathy by presenting her a flower. He accidentally mistakes Petalia for one and kidnaps him. Now, the MBC Members have to deal with both robots sent to capture Petalia and finding Petalia himself. June 10, 2008