Speed Morpher

Voice Actor

Michael Yarmush

Speedy resembles a velociraptor-like creature with spandex suit, while his head is similar to a cheetah. He wears his visor every time he runs fast. Speedy comes to Earth to steal electrical devices, but later the MBC finds out that he wants to earn money so he could go back to his home planet. His real name is actually Ceaser XY, but Sam gave him the nickname "Speedy" because of his ability. Speedy talks fast and he is clueless about the things that aren't familiar to him. He is called by the MBC via cellphone to stop his brother from kidnapping residents.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Extreme speed



Speedy's body with visor on.

Lack of physical strength. It is also possible that his speed does not always work in all surfaces, but the series doesn't address his weakness.

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