The End of Everything, It is a Two-Part Episode of the final title for Season 1. It is featuring many of the Aliens that Monster Buster Club have fought with and was recycle back to this Episodes and it is the first appearance of the Son of Glob the Smallhearted Addison Single son, Nosidda as his agenda is like his father to turn the town into the Evil Alien Paradise. But was foiled after Cathy Pull off the Forever Flower that related to the Morph Jammer is prevent her turning into Alien and beating him and cap by her friends sent into Galactic Aurthrotic.

Plot Edit

Part 1 Edit

The MBC Members have to replace (as he is teaching a group of aliens how to fit in on Earth) whilst he is in an important meeting with Zubin, but before that, one of them (Nosidda) saves Chris, Danny and Sam from being driven into Outer Space. One of the other aliens is always on his V-Com (Zeborg), making them all suspicious, so they take his V-Com. Cathy is then given a strange flower, and falls in love with Jeremy, but The MBC Members get more suspicious of the other alien. They then receive a distress call from Cathy, while in her Rhapsodian and don't know who it is, so Sam and Chris go after Cathy, not knowing it is Cathy. They then see aliens not being able to morph, and realize too late that the alien really is Cathy, and now she isn't allowed back on Earth.

Part 2 Edit

Cathy is stuck in a container, and can't morph because of her forever flower, but refuses to take it off. Meanwhile, Elton comes to Earth to take Cathy's place. Chris then shows them who really was behind all of this, Nosidda, who is using his rescue of The MBC Members to make them think that he is a good alien. It turns out, Nosidda is Addison spelled backwards, and he is really the son of the late villainous founder, Addison Single, planning on making his late father's dream come true: making Earth the perfect planet for aliens. Meanwhile, Cathy finally takes off the forever flower and heads back to Earth to save her friends.

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