The New Recruits is the 1st (27th) episode in season 2 of Monster Buster Club.

Plot Edit

Cathy turns 700 on Earth and gets excited and hopes that there will be a party. That evening, The MBC Members are trying to bust a monster, but it escapes because of Danny and Sam. The next day, 2 new recruits arrives and they quickly befriend Chris and Cathy, leaving Danny and Sam jealous. The MBC Members, except Cathy, and the recruits soon learn about a surprise party which will be thrown for Cathy from Hugo. Later, Danny and Sam realize the recruits are attempting to replace them so they find a way to let Chris and Cathy realize the truth before it was too late.

Trivia Edit

  • "New Recruits" is the last episode premiered in Disney Channel Asia only.
  • According to YTV's official website, this episode's title is called"The New Recruits a.k.a Know Thyself" or "Know Thyself".
  • This episode also reveals that Cathy is 700 Rhapsodian years old or equivalent to 100 Earth years old according to Mr. Smith. In the official website, however, 700 (or 699 in first season) Rhapsodian years old is equivalent to 250 Earth years old.
  • The Galactic Commander hires new recruits because he finds out that Danny and Sam are arguing about teamwork.
  • Is there any clone versions of Chris and Cathy?
  • Rhapsodian party traditions like pounding Zebramat (think piñata) that indicates good fortune for the coming year, Rhapsodian ceremonial masks, and birthday anthem are mentioned.
  • In planet Rhapsodia, the more surprises, the better the party.
  • At the school lobby, the alien (who disguises as Mr.Pillsbury, the janitor) do the Bullet Time - a famous act from The Matrix.
  • Danny asks to Chris,"What happens if you put too much oil into the machine?". I thought Danny worked on his uncle's automobile shop before...
  • If you're wondering why the MBC doesn't invite other kids in the neighborhood, the club made an alien birthday party.
  • Cathy says "Yapzi! Yapzi!" after the surprise. It probably means "yeah" or expresses that she's excited.
  • It improper for a Galactic Commander to show up while he has a cold.
  • At the abandoned construction site, there's something wrong with the leakage of cement....

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